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Philippine Breastmilk Supplement Advertising, Health Claim and Trademark-Use Restrictions Impose New Trade Barriers

The Philippines is internationally renowned for its legal framework regulating the marketing of breastmilk substitute and breastmilk supplement products (“BMS”). However, a recent legal analysis performed by the nonprofit Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (“ITSSD”) finds that the Philippine BMS Framework, while well intentioned, overreaches and contravenes WTO law. The ITSSD analysis reveals that the Philippine BMS [...]

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Ideal overseas markets for US lawyers seeking new business in 2013

Despite predictions for continued flat global economic growth for 2013, there remain rivulets of specific opportunity emanating from some regions of the world that augur well for American law firms prepared to capitalize on those opportunities. During the course of the last year, global law firm mergers driven by competitive pressures as well as specific sectoral opportunities, particularly [...]

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